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1. For submitting an application for information under RTI Act 2005, please contact the Branch Head.

2. The List of CPIOs of the Bank along with their functions is available with Branch Head.

Designation Functionary Nominated from Bank Functions
Central Assistant Public Information Officer All Branch Manager: Mizoram Rural Bank This Officer sends the information or Appeal to the Central Public Information Officers
Central Public Information Officers General Manager
Mizoram Rural Bank
Head Office : MINECO, Khatla Aizawl - 796001 Mizoram
Responsible for giving information to a person who seeks information under the RTI Act
Appellate Authority Chairman
V. Jaya Chandra
Mizoram Rural Bank
Head Office : MINECO,Khatla Aizawl - 796001 Mizoram
If an applicant is not supplied information within the prescribed time of thirty days or 48 hours, as the case may be, or is not satisfied with the information furnished to him, he may prefer an appeal to the First Appellate Authority

3. Citizens who are Physically / Visually Challenged and / or Below Poverty Line, requiring assistance to prepare their application for information under RTI Act, may get in touch with the Branch Head.

4. No fee will be charged from citizen Below Poverty Line for seeking information under RTI Act.

Download the RTI Act 2015 :- ||

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